Things I’ve Learned This Week in Denver

Welcome to my weekly blog post, where I’ll be sharing things that I’ve learned and experienced in the last Week in Denver. This week has been busy – I’ve been travelling to Denver, and while there I’ve had the chance to see some amazing things. In this post, I’ll share some of the things that I’ve learned and experienced while in Denver.

Week in Denver
Week in Denver

When in mother mode, one of my favorite comments was “what new thing did you learn today”.  In the past few days I’ve learned more than a few things-about life in general and Denver in particular.  For example:

Week in Denver

Somewhere in the last week, my sister and I realized we chose the wrong rooms in terms of family space.  There is a large room off the kitchen, with a long counter pass through that is carpeted and has the exit to the patio on the end (more pictures tomorrow of before and afters).  There is a living room (that is also the way one walk to the back room) that has a fireplace.  We chose the fireplace as the living room and the other room as a “multipurpose room”.  Saner heads have prevailed.  We need the large family room (I gave up formal entertaining on retirement) to be our living entertainment space.  I need to be able to visit while cooking and so on and so forth. The dining table folds down from seating ten or twelve to seating four-which means I will still have room for some chairs by the fireplace to make this the “reading” room.  Blessedly, most things move easily.  Except of course, for Gigantor, the china cabinet. Sorry, folks this is a realtor picture.

Except for the carpeted family area, the house has wood floors. That plus the difference in temperature makes the need for “house socks”. Edited to add-I love wood floors, I would never go back. My primary reason for socks is the temperature difference from Dallas.  I don’t wear shoes in the house.  I don’t love the traditional “fuzzy socks” one sees in say, Target. I also don’t like the feel of socks on my ankles. Today, walking through Walmart, I found the best thing ever.  As with many of my discoveries, some of you probably have known about these for awhile.  They are called diabetic socks (I am not).  The have a non-stick sole, are lined, have  a loose ankle but one that stays up and they are the most comfortable things ever. Oh, and supposedly they help my circulation!! And they fit into regular shoes as well.

I’ve realized that not being a morning person and working at home means that I can designate my exercise time as lunch time. I’ve been walking at noon. Either tomorrow or Monday I will try out the arthritis class in the 90 degree therapy pool and see what I think.  Does it divide my day?  Absolutely-but in my case that is fine three to four days a week. My mornings are spent on the enjoyable flotsam of retirement life, with my afternoons being a tad more structured.  This is a perfect way to make the move from part of the day to the other. I am more refreshed when I enter my studio, head out to the library and movies or whatever is in my day (remember I am not exercising so hard that am hyper or necessarily need to take a shower).

Week in Denver

I’ve become a member of two churches. The Progressive me chose a church a half an hour away-one that hosts homeless women in the basement, and feeds four shelters and has a gay and lesbian ministry. I feel at home in the extreme. The other church is fifteen minutes from my house, allowing me to go to church at eight am or six pm on those required occasions-and close enough to go to a midday artists group and bible study without going into the city.  We’ll see how this works.

We divided up this house in the most efficient way-and I will probably be paying two thirds of the heating bill. My sister who has chosen the furnished and paneled basement (office, living room, bedroom and bathroom), is comfortable at a max of seventy, where I am more comfy at about seventy three or four.  Since heat rises and the basement is cooler I think we have the perfect compromise.

I own exactly two long sleeved shirts (Texas even in the winter is generally short sleeves and cardigan weather). I have had absolutely no time for a mall walk-none.  Desperation has driven me to buy a couple sixteen dollar sweaters at Walmart and Target while doing other errands (gulp). Mind you, I am not a clothing snob per se, and in fact purchase most of my clothing at thrift stores by choice.  While I enjoy the few things I grabbed, how long they will last I am not sure

I’m the type of person who puts off difficult things and then does them all at once (yep, I know there’s a word for that!!). This week, that’s pinning quilts (putting the back, inside and top together and making it all smooth at the same time).  The end result is that I now I have five quilts pinned and ready to have designs added. My fingers have opened and closed safety pins for two days. This one is a very simple frame for a Tshirt for a golfer for Christmas.

While I hope no one is offended, I truly do not understand how someone can pick the color I can only describe as dark clay for the master bedroom and bathroom.  Thank heavens for paint with primer as one. 

I’m a history snob with a mind for little things.  This means that when I watch Jeopardy after the news my comments tend to be things like “Really?  That’s a final jeopardy question?”.  The rest of my extremely literate family threw up their hands somewhere around two years ago when I knew which modern literary character died on the basketball court.  I’m the girl who actually knows that Berengeria was the wife of Richard the Lionheart but never set foot on English soil.  I tell you this not to brag, but so you understand when I say that until last week I had absolutely no idea that Jennifer Anniston’s father was the fellow who has played a major soap opera character for a few decades-and one that I another life and at another time, I actually watched. You really can learn a new thing daily.

Finally, when you leave two dogs outside in a large yard when they are only used to warm temperatures and fall has arrived and then forget about them for an hour or so-lets just say that you have wild dogs. The fence barrier is that chain fence that is in the small background. the green area is about a sixth of the total area. At ten in the evening. When you want to get under the covers, said dogs want to play.  Sigh.

Live and learn, I always say.

And with that, we’re done. It was an exciting and busy week in Denver and we’ve covered a lot of ground. But with the proper mindset, curiosity, and hard work you can achieve anything in this ever-changing landscape!

We’ll keep updating more interesting stories from our city as time goes by so make sure to come back often!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Denver most known for?

Denver is renowned for its assortment of top-tier breweries, world-class museums, and historical sites. The city is renowned as the “Mile High City” because of its elevation at the top of a mountain range, but this is not its only claim to fame.

Why is Denver so popular?

Denver’s pleasant climate is another factor contributing to its appeal. Denver’s weather, which is classified as having a semi-arid continental climate, is mostly dry, but it is also influenced by the adjacent mountains, which tend to modify both the temperature and the level of humidity. Visitors and locals in Denver can experience all four seasons.

What makes Denver unique?

Given that it is exactly one mile above sea level, Denver is special in that it is known as the Mile High City. Denver is renowned for its picturesque surroundings, which feature the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the distance.

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