Simple Steps to Save on Spring Break Shopping!

It’s that time of the year! Spring break time! (Thank God!) Can I get a WOOHOO from all my fellow teachers out there?! This break is VERY much needed.  

After being cooped up all winter, thoughts of spring break have pulled me through! Spring break is always a great time to getaway, relax, and reset for the new season. Wether you’re a teacher, student, or just taking a spring vacation, this post is for you!

With an impending getaway, you’re sure to be itching to make some wardrobe purchases. The trouble is, you can easily drop WAY too much money on unnecessary items! I’ve made a list of a couple of tricks to save a few dollars, while still treating yourself to a few new items before packing your bags!

 With an upcoming Spring trip, you’ll probably be tempted to go out and buy several new outfits. At least I find that true about myself! Ha! My suggestion if you’re looking to get several new pieces, is to shop SUPER SALES! If you’re visiting a more tropical climate, you can actually find great deals around this time of the year. If you shop online, you can find summer pieces deeply discounted. 

This year for spring break, I’m hitting Iceland! While it is the opposite of tropical, I was still able to find great deals on a few sweaters and winter items, because it is the end of the season. Some were bought in store, and others were bought online. I was in the market for a good pair of snow boots for this trip. Knowing that I probably won’t find much use for them otherwise, since my Uggs are my go-tos, I didn’t want to drop too much on them. So I found a pair for $20 on! I can handle that price tag! When trying to find great off season sales, I find that shopping online is key! Usually there is a much grander selection, and using additional coupon codes is always a great perk! 🙂

If you’re really looking to save money, limit yourself and only treat yourself to one or two new purchases. For a quick vacation wardrobe update, a few new items will do! If you’re hitting a tropical locale, you might want to just purchase a new swimsuit and sundress, or a new pair of sandals and sun hat! This will save you a few dollars through limiting your spending, and you’ll still be left excited and vacation-ready with a few new pieces. For my trip to Iceland, I decided on a new winter hat and boots as my select purchase. In all, I only ended up spending $30! $20 for the boots and $10 for a new hunter green Herschel beanie.

In the outfit featured in this week’s post, I am sporting a new Vineyard Vine’s packable down jacket I scored at Marshall’s for $20! I had been in the market recently for a new packable down jacket, as an upgrade from my tried-and-true North Face fleece. I needed a light weight, but warm jacket to wear to the gym or for a casual on the go grab.

As you probably already know, I always do my research when I’m in the market for a new purchase. I had been looking carefully online and in stores for a couple of months, I found a few cute ones at Nordstrom and T.J.Maxx, but they were still almost $100! I wasn’t willing to invest that much money into a jacket I would only wear for casual occasions and only a handful of times each season. On one of my recent trips to Marshall’s I found this gem on the sale rack! I was ecstatic! It was exactly what I was looking for and just in my price range! 😉 Literally did a happy dance in the clearance aisle! I bought it in February, which isn’t really even out of season. So, you never know what goodies you’ll find while perusing the clearance rack! It’s perfect for my Spring Break trip to Iceland, since it’s so compact! I can’t wait to wear it!

Frugal Tip: When shopping for a vacation, look for off-season sales & limit yourself to one or two new purchases!

Happy official spring loves! If you’re heading on a spring getaway, ENJOY! And if you have any tips and must-dos for my upcoming trip to Iceland, send them my way!


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