Simple Steps to Organize Your Closet in the New Year!

Happy New Year Frugalistas! It’s New year , can you believe it? (It’s going to take me a solid 7 months to get used to saying that. Hehe) With each new year comes a fresh start and new beginnings. I know you don’t have to wait until this year to make changes, but there’s something special about a new year. One of my top tasks for every new year is to reorganize my life! The most daunting task of them all, my closet! burdensome space to organize is my closet! Duh duh Duhhhhh!

Here are few simple steps to Organize Your Closet !

As a Frugalista, I find myself  buying way too many clothes, under the guise of “Well, it’s only $10!” Before you know it, my closet is overflowing with pieces I’ve only worn once or twice, or even worse, never worn at all!

I wanted to dedicate a post totally to closet organization to help you with your organizational goals. I’ve made a list of some of my best tips to organize your closet and ways to sift through your closet. Hopefully this will help you decide on what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell. I’ve already made hundreds of dollars this new year, through selling items that have been buried deep in my closet and I know you can too!

Organize Your Closet

Tips to Organize Your Closet:

1. Update your hangers!

This is an easy step, that can make a world’s of difference. Raise your hand if half of your hangers still come from the dry cleaner?! Guilty. Creating a unified look to your closet can make a worlds of a difference. You can get the solid color hangers for real cheap at Walmart or Target. OR if you want to get fancy and go for a bigger upgrade, get the velvet lined ones! You can find inexpensive ones at YJ Max and Marshall’s. 

2. Flip your hangers to keep track of items that need to GO!

I love this technique! Start the new year with all of your hangers flipped in the opposite direction. Once you wear the item you can place them on the hanger correctly on the rack. Within a few weeks or months it will become obvious which items you need to part with. 

3. Reorganize your closet based on color, season, and occasion!

This has been something I’ve done since I was a teenager, and I am still baffled by how many people don’t organize their closet in such a way! Not only does it make it easy to locate items, piece together outfits, and make space, it’s asthetically pleasing to the eye. (All my color coding lovers, can I get an Amen!)

  • The first step would be to organize your items by season, fall, winter, spring/summer, you get the picture! For those with limited space, you can even store away the items in your closet that are out of season. Who needs cable knit sweaters in July?! 
  • Next, you should then sort your clothes by occasion. Categories such as work apparel, casual, formal, and fun-going out clothes are ways that I like to sort my pieces. When you’re piecing together your outfit for work tomorrow or what you’re going to wear to girl’s night on Friday, this will be such a great help!
  • The last step is to color code everything! I like to put my clothes in the order of the rainbow. However, I put my black, grey, and white pieces first, then start going into the reds. Most of my wardrobe is in the neutral pallete so I like to have these colors most accesible. Color coding helps so much when you are trying to find an certain blouse or find something to match a cute pair of bottoms you picked out. 

4. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear immediately! 

For the longest time I had the hardest time parting with pieces in my closet. I always wonder “I might wear this someday!” or “What if I have an occasion where this would be perfect!” But in reality, most of those occasions never come along. Your closet just gets more and more full and your clothes loose more and more of their value!

The value part is something I have learned within the past couple of years. Those clothes you have sitting in your closet are basically like dollar bills on hangers! The longer you hang on to them the more outdated and out of style they become. The quicker you are able to realize that it’s time to part with it, the more likely you will be able to resell the item for substantial profit! 

I still have a hard time getting rid of things in a timely manner, but I have found a few helpful tips to help me process through the dreadful sorting process that I thought I would share with ya’ll. 

  • Ask yourself in all honestly, “Does it still fit?” Our bodies change over the years, and sadly our clothes don’t. Haha. Just because something fit so well last year, doesn’t mean it still does. Nothing can replace perfectly fitting clothes. No matter how cute a piece is, if it doesn’t fit, it’s not worth keeping. 
  • “Would I buy this tomorrow if I saw it on the rack?” This is one of the questions I live by when organizing my closet. As a shopaholic, I’m always freshening up my closet with new on-trend pieces. If a piece isn’t on trend and match your other current closet staples, it’s not worth keeping. 
  • “When was actually the last time I wore this? Can I see myself wearing this in the near future?” So many times we think we use things more often than we actually do. If you haven’t worn it in the last three months, kick it to the curb!
  • “Would someone else want this?” Oftentimes we overestimate or underestimate the worth of our clothes. (I could do a whole blog post about this!) We often end up on two sides of the spectrum, either we get donate too many valuable things or we try to resell stuff that no one would want. You can make a good chunk of change selling back your old clothes, shoes, and accessories to resale shops! Usually if it’s still in style, a high end brand, or barely worn, there’s money to be made! Try nation wide resale shops like Clothes Mentor or online platforms like Poshmark.
  • “Does it show substantial signs of wear?” Even though it might be a tried-and-true pair of jeans or perfect white blouse if it is showing wear it might be time to move on. If the piece has excessive stains, pilling, frays, or is stretched out, it’s time to move on. 

With spring coming, this will be a perfect way to jump start spring cleaning, get organized for the new year, and make space for new spring and summer clothes!

I believe organization does something beautiful for the mind and soul, so no place better to start then your closet!

Happy organizing!


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