Reitirement Busyness – Another Project, Anyone?

I am not, at heart, a planner.  My method of planning is a small journal. I keep running to do lists, and each week I make a list of things I would like to do that week. Lists are essential, especially for someone with low energy and a brief attention span to boot on some occasions.  These days, I am making my lists on Friday or on Saturday morning. This temporary change is because two of my classes are taken on the web, with assignments being due on Sunday evening.  My week runs from Friday to Friday, if you will.

My lists are always varied, because I don’t like to spend too much time on one thing.  Also, to be honest I have too many things I want to do-and that’s before the afternoon of reading on the patio is inserted. I often wonder if other people have lists like mine, or they play it all by ear. Of course, some folks have a passion, and spend much of their time on one thing.  In theory, my week looks like this:

My house goal this year is to re-landscape the yard and extend the patio into the sun.I need to measure the yard and then have my son the mathematician figure out how much fertilizer I will need to till and expand the beds three feet, as well as the mulch required.  As always, a before picture is necessary so that I can document all our changes. Remember, we can plant in March, so it’s time to get on the proverbial stick.

Then there’s the patio, I’ve been searching for, and putting aside, decorative pots of all sizes…….

As always I have a couple quilt/sewing projects going. I usually try to have one for the “money” and one for myself or a gift. I also want to get started on quilts for our new dogs.

Both my children have birthdays this week. My son the chef will cook his own dinner at home (German food from schnitzel on down the line). I will make an Angel food cake from scratch and homemade whipped cream. My daughter wishes to go out, and does not eat cake, so I am saved on that one.
The list of books I want to get read is long. I seem to have caught up to the library reservations, so I broke down and ordered a mystery on my kindle (normally I only use this for traveling or school and read library books, after all, I cannot beat the price).  A new book means an afternoon doing absolutely nothing, or else reading in bed until 2 AM.  Thank heavens for “retirement”.

I need to walk this guy, along with my friend the beagle, every day.  More importantly,  I need to finish baby proofing my house. I’d forgotten what puppy hood was like.  I haven’t blogged much about them, especially our newest addition. Let’s just say that with one dog being barely a year and a half old, and the other having a history of tumors, life is “interesting.

For my art class, we are taking photographs and printing them out in gray scale. Then color. I have yet to decide if I will color this with watercolors of prisma color pens. In case you are wondering, these are the two railway bridges in Beaufort, SC. Immediately out of the picture (I think) would be the long driving bridge that appears in movies such as The Big Chill and the Great Santini.

I still haven’t made those slice and bakes, so this week I will be making approximately five dozen of about four kinds of cookies. It’s an easy way for me to have just a few cookies, and will be wonderful to have for church or other events.

I ‘m going to the movies-I have an unused  $30 Cinemark movie gift certificate that I received from a family member for Christmas. I intend to go to the prime time move (Safe House), and partake of all the junk food that my diet does not allow.

I want to start designing a banner for my etsy web page, and a web page dedicated to my quilting. Since I know nothing about this kind of thing, the going is slow. Interesting, but slow. Fortunately there is a book for dummies on almost everything-and on these subjects, I qualify.

Finally, I’ve been spending time planning my gulf coast drive, planned for May. I’m exploring the food, the drive. I’ve investigated places to stop, eat and sight see. I still haven’t decided whether to include New Orleans in this trip or side step the city and make it another dedicated trip. Each week I allot some time to planning for this one, and I’m enjoying all aspects.

Obviously, bored is not my general state these days, far from it. In addition to the things I have on my list, there is all the “regular stuff of life” that will happen. Studying, church, quilt guild, going to classes, exercising and plain doing nothing (a fair amount of that here and there).

What plans do you have for the coming week-if you plan at all?

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