On the Beach…Literally

The path to a satisfying retirement is rarely smooth. I’ve been on the beach a few times in my life. I was fired once, left a company for another position that didn’t work out, quit with no job lined up (rather dumb), and had my business erode under my feet.

But, this time I’m on the beach…. literally. My wife and I are vacationing on the little slice of heaven known as Maui. If you have never been here, picture the Garden of Eden before the snake. If you have been here, remember that envy is not a positive emotion.

After another hectic year so far, we decided to reward ourselves with a serious break. The fact that this trip will burn through at least 2 years of vacation budget has not escaped out attention. So, we are hoping to make every single moment of every day count.

We have been here for 8 days, with 10 more to go. If you have noticed I’m a bit slower to respond to e-mails and blog comments, now you know why. Hawaii may be part of the U.S. but there are 2,500 miles of ocean between us and California, and a 6 hour time difference from the east coast.

I thought I’d share some pictures with you and maybe a few thoughts I have had while staring at surf and sand.

Blogger Bill Birnbaum suggested I take a look at any changes I have noticed in the almost 10 years since our last visit to the islands. Not surprisingly, both Maui and I have undergone some changes since we were last together in 2001. That’s a great idea from Bill and will be the focus of a future post.

But for now, this is one of the parts of a satisfying retirement: planning, saving up, and filling the desire to return to a place that feels like a second home.

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