My Freezer Cooking Thursday

Now that we have a small chest freezer, I decided to give freezer cooking a serious try. I feel pretty successful in that I was able to store away in the freezer a good selection of foods in the limited amount of time I had over the weekend. Now that I’m getting the hang of it, I want to gradually add to my stash of freezer foods.

Here is a list of what I accomplished:

2 gallon freezer bags and 1 quart bag of homemade vegetable beef soup, using our home grown tomatoes as the main ingredient

1 chicken pot pie and dressing for 3 adults

5 bags of chicken broth containing 2 cups each and 1 quart bag containing 4 cups

Italian chicken cooked and ready to reheat. I will add mozzarella cheese on top before baking.

1 bag of 20 Italian meatballs.

1 family size chicken tetrazzini

1 meatloaf mix (unbaked)

1 bag containing 2 cups of cubed baked chicken

1 pan of bbq chicken that I put in the fridge to be eaten Tuesday night.

6 individually wrapped brownies.

I made a huge pot of the vegetable beef soup and wanted to only put the amount of soup needed for a meal in one bag. These are the mugs that we like to use for soup, so I measured out how much each mug holds and then put that much in each bag. Each mug holds 3 cups, so I put 6 cups of the soup in each bag.

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