Mastering the March Layered Look!

March. The time of the year when the earth is confused as to what season it is. Haha. One day it’s 70 degrees, the next it’s 30 degrees and snowing! With this bipolar weather comes a constant dilemma of what to wear! The weather can be so unpredictable during this time of the year and consequently our wardrobe can be rather confused.

One of the best ways to tackle being fashionable during these early months of spring is by dressing in layers! Layers, layers, layers! I am a sucker for the layered look! So dressing in the fall and spring are always fun. This post is all about how about how to master the layered look without looking frumpy or like the Michelin man. 🙂

How to Master the Layered Look:

1. Pick different textures!

When creating a layered look you want to created dimension with all the different pieces involved. Layering cotton over cotton over cotton, just doesn’t work and the look will fall flat. When wearing multiple articles of clothing you want to create diversity in pieces that make the outfit more interesting. So incorporating a knit with cotton, flannel, jean, and silk or polyester is a definite YES!

2. Use a variety of pieces!

You don’t always have to stick to a certain “genre” of clothing. Feel free to mix and match casual, dressy, and career pieces. Just like using different textures, using  a variety of pieces adds interest and dimension. It also spices it up for yourself and opens up the options for layering. You can pair a work button up with a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater, or a silk blouse with a flannel and ripped jeans. Mix and match styles for the perfect look!

3. Don’t bulk up. 

Creating a perfect layered look can be tricky. It takes skill and thought! It seems like it would be as simple as throwing a bunch of different pieces together and walking out the door but its not! The worst outcome would be an outfit that resembles a lumpy marshmallow. Yikes. Try and be careful as to the amount and types of articles you layer. I would say 3-4 pieces max. And steer clear of sweaters on sweaters!

Before this week’s outfit it had been a wild weather week! From 70 degrees all the way to 25 degrees! INSANE! The perfect layered look was great for a sunny but chilly March day. I decided to go ALL IN with mixing and matching different styles and pieces. I wanted to create a cozy look that still had a dash of edge and spunk. I decided to start with a long sleeve ruffle blouse that I would normally wear with trousers to work and then layer on a jean shirt, topped with an oversized sweater. I paired these tops with ripped jeans and some heeled suede, gold buckle booties that I got for a great price at Marshall’s. For accessories, I added a wool brim hat for a touch of warmth and sparkly tassel pendant. Although it was a bit chilly, these stylish layers kept me cozy and comfortable! Plus, I got SO many compliments on the outfit throughout the day!

Outfit Details:

Ripped Jeans – $20 Francesca’s (originally $69, bought on sale with an extra 50% off!) 

Ruffle Cream Blouse- $15 The Loft (originally $59.50)

Calvin Klein Jean Shirt- $15 Macy’s (bought this forever ago!)

Max Studio Sweater- $9.99 T.J.Maxx (originally $148, bought on sale with the lovely yellow sticker!)

Franco Sarto Suede Gold Buckle Heeled Booties- $30 Marshall’s (originally $149.95)

Beaded Tassel Necklace – $3.95 The Loft (originally $34.50, bought on final sale)

Hope you feel equipped with some helpful tips to successfully layer this winter-spring season! You really can’t got wrong, the more eclectic and mix matched the better! 

Here’s to hoping for more spring weather!


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