Insider Guide to Shopping at Forever 21

Fall is finallyyyyy in full swing! I LOVE Fall! The changing leaves. Crisp air. Pumpkin EVERYTHING. Cozy sweaters. Fun boots. And layers on layers! The only thing I don’t enjoy is the definite looming of winter. UGH. But let’s try and not think about that right now!

For this week’s post I wanted to give some fall fashion tips and fall trends!

  1. Pick pieces that are fall hues! Great fall colors: burnt orange, browns, tans, mustard yellow, hunter green, This is the only time of the year where it is totally acceptable to wear bold colors like burnt orange! Feel free to mix and match any of the hues. However, I like to have a focal piece and like to just pick one pop of color for an outfit. 
  2. Layer. Layer. Layer! This is probably one of my favorite things about fall attire. The possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to bring warmth without having to succumb to the bulkiness of a coat, not to mention it’s cute. You can pair a jean shirt with a sweater and a leather jacket. OR a fancy tank, cardigan, and blanket shawl. 
  3. Embrace texture! Mix and match textures to create a great fall look. Leather, corduroy, jean, suede, knit, flannel, and velvet! This gives outfits more dimension and overall creativity!

In the outfit featured, I am wearing a bell-sleeved lace-up top with distressed black denim jeans. I decided to pair the outfit with two-tone suede peep toe flats.  This outfit was all about embracing certain trends this fall: bell sleeves and lace-ups are DEFINITELY in!

Outfit details: 

Blouse- $17 Forever 21 – You can buy it HERE! 

Distressed Jeans – $15 T.J. Maxx (on sale originally $29.99) 

Shoes- $20 Resale store (Madewell brand and originally $98) Link HERE! They’re sold out but maybe they’ll go back in stock?

The main inspiration for this outfit was definitely the fall inspired blouse! The reason I was able to get it for under $20 was because it was a Forever 21 find! So I thought for this week’s post I would highlight one of my favorite stores, Forever 21! Most people have a love-hate relationship with this store. I often hear things like, “How do you ever find anything in there?” or “It’s way too overwhelming!” So I thought I would share some tips on how to tackle the Forever 21 beast and come out winning with some great finds!

Tips on how to shop at Forever 21 successfully:

  1. If you haven’t noticed, the store is organized by style. There’s a bohemian section, girly section, street wear section, dressy section, athleisure section, basics section, and much more. Whatever your style is, scan the store and find the section that fits you. This will limit the options, make it less overwhelming, and give you a smaller selection to sift through. 
  2. Go with a plan! If you are looking for a certain type of outfit or a certain piece it can be a great place because there is such a wide selection. This makes it easy to sort through the store with a one track mission. 
  3. Skim through the store. When first walking in, it can be a bit overwhelming. Thousands of articles of clothing smacking you right in the face! Eeek! One thing that helps me find great pieces, is to simply take a step back and quickly scan sections. I look for things that pop out to me! Lately, its been things like tassels, bell sleeves, and off the shoulder tops!
  4. If you are SUPER frugally minded, one way to make shopping at Forever 21 simpler, is by making a b-line for the sale section. Here is where you can find really amazing deals! Most things will be less than $10. Sometimes they have a BOGO 50% off sale or a BOGO FREE sale. The selection is much smaller and more simple, but you can find great things!

Frugal Tip: Don’t be afraid of shopping at Forever 21, you’ll never know what you might find for a great price!


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