How To Spoil Yourself Without Busting Your Budget

I know all my fashionistas out there are with me when I say sometimes you just need to “Treat yo self!” Getting your hair, nails, and make up done are definitely necessities when it comes to being a girly girl. Every girl deserves to be pampered! However, these luxury services can add up! Especially if you have them done on a regular basis. I am all for taking care of yourself, but when it starts hurting my wallet then it becomes an issue. Trust me, I’ve been in the boat before when I’ve had thoughts like, “If I didn’t get my nails done so frequently I could save X amount of dollars every month!” It’s so hard to let these things go when they’ve become part of your routine!

What if I told you, you can still enjoy all the pampering for half the price?! What if I told you that you don’t have to sacrifice YOURSELF when balancing your budget?

This week’s post is all about creative ways that I’ve found to spoil myself, while still being frugal! I hope to give you some practical ways you can pamper yourself for a fraction of the cost and not find yourself feeling guilty after the fact. I’ve got tips for inexpensive manicures, facials, massages, haircuts, and blowouts! So listen up Frugal Fashionistas!


Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself Without Busting Your Budget

1. Use Groupon!

I love love LOVE Groupon! It’s so simple and easy to use and has such a great variety of steals! I’ve gotten everything from vacations to sandals off of Groupon. You never know what you’re going to find! One of my favorite things to get off of Groupon are their nail salon and spa deals. Whenever I get my nails done I ALWAYS go to a salon that offers a Groupon deal. I end up never paying more than $17 for a gel manicure! The key to using Groupon, is never to buy anything without an extra coupon code. They always have additional 25% off coupon codes, which is when I always buy. Using the sale codes gives you extra savings to already great deals! 

2. Find a local hair institute!

Lately, this has been one of my favorite ways to save when getting my hair cut or colored. Living in the New York, there are so many great professional hair institutes that offer a variety of services at a significantly discounted rate. Many offer facials, massages, and nail services as well! Now, you do need to know what you are signing yourself up for… All services are performed by students, that obviously have limited experience, but they are heavily supervised by their instructors who also approve their every move. It does usually take double to time, but for a quarter of the price, it’s worth it! 

Here’s a list of some of my NYC favs:

ARROJO cosmetology school

Aveda Institute New York

Carsten Institute of Cosmetology

3. Look on Salon Apprentice!

I recently just discovered this website, and it’s amazing! If you live in a major city, you’re going to want to check it out. Basically, it’s a platform for stylists and clients to connect and help each other out! Student stylists or professional stylists that are looking for hair models will post their services that you can easily search through. Most of the time the services are provided at a minimum cost, other times you can find ones for free! You can find stylists looking for models from anything from blow outs to makeovers. Check it out!

4. Find first time client offers!

When treating yourself to spa services this strategy can yield some great deals! If you’re looking for a discounted massage, this is a great way to go. Massage Envy is a nation wide franchise that offers a great first time offer. Many other salons and spas do the same. If you are a new client they often will give you a deep discount in hopes that you will continue to use their services. So research new spas and salons in your area and you’ll be surprised at the great deals you’ll find! Hop around and use the system to your advantage! 😉

In the featured photos from this week, I’m sporting a fresh hair cut that was $25 from the Arrojo Insitute and fresh makeup done by a friend who’s a makeup artist looking to grow her portfolio! Also not pictured, my $30 gel manicure and pedicure! 🙂 haha  

All of this just to show that you can treat yourself without feeling guilty! Even while being frugal, you can still find ways to get pampered. So ladies, use these money saving tips and TREAT YO SELF! 


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