How to Save Money on your Next Special Occasion Outfit

Believe it or not, holiday season is right around the corner! Is it just me, or is fall just flying by? It could be the fact that it still feels like summer with this 70 degree weather. 😉

With the holidays comes so many things to look forward to, one of those being events galore with family, friends, and coworkers! As a fashionista, attending a special event ALWAYS requires a special outfit. Wanting to have a new dress for every occasion can get pretty pricey! When you’re in a pinch, the last thing you have time to do is scower the sales rack for the perfect dress.

So this week I wanted to share an amazing site that I found that allows you to rent high end designer pieces, right from fashionable girls like you or me! Think of it as a combination between Rent the Runway and raiding your best friend’s closet. Haha The site is called 10 Wooster and it is my new latest frugal find!

On 10 Wooster you can rent a variety of designer pieces. Anything from leather jackets to hand bags, to Jimmy Choos! I love how you can find a girl who’s style resonates with you and see all the pieces she has available to rent! (Homa’s closet is one my favorites!) It is much less overwhelming than Rent the Runway, with numerous ways to search and browse. Often times you’ll buy a dress for an occasion, wear it once, and it’ll sit in your closet unworn for the rest of eternity! This is why 10 Wooster is so great! You can wear beautiful pieces for any occasion, without overpaying and wasting money. 


It’s simple! 

  • Browse the selection and find a piece you love. 
  • Order it for the select week that you’d like. 
  • Send it back when you’re done with the prepaid shipping label. 

I recently attended a friend’s wedding and was looking for a extra special dress to wear. I decided to order a dress off of 10 Wooster and it was a hit! The whole process was a breeze and my dress even came earlier than expected. I ended up ordering a custom-made tulle mermaid dress. It ended up fitting perfectly and created such a unique look. I got so many compliments and I had to tell everyone where I snagged such a gorgeous dress!

So, if you find yourself in need of a dress for a special occasion, I’d strongly suggest checking out 10 Wooster, They have so many great special occasion and cocktail dresses to choose from. And the best part is that it will cost you a fraction of the price!


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