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Thank God for Athleisure! If you don’t know what Athlesuire is, it’s the latest trend that’s a comfy-chic look. Basically, it’s cute athletic wear, sometimes mixed with other pieces, that you can wear  to other places besides JUST the gym. Athleisure is a godsend for comfort-craving chicks like me! Even though it seems easy to pull of the casual look, it’s not always that simple. You don’t want to look like you just threw a bunch of random things on from your athletic wear drawer! So I thought I would give some tips on how to master the Athleisure look!

Fashion tips for creating the perfect Athleisure outfit:

  1. Mix and match! Mix and match athletic wear with regular casual wear. You don’t always have to pair yoga pants with a sweatshirt. Expand your horizons! Think running leggings, cotton shirt and a jean jacket. Sweatpants, crop top, and leather jacket. 
  2. Accessorize! Jazz up your outfit with some jewelry. Adding jewelry makes the outfit less casual. Think fun studs, bangles, and simple rings. Also adding a scarf is always fun!
  3. Have a great pair of sneakers! I always like to make the sneakers the focus of my Athleisure outfits. Pick a sneaker that pops with either fun textures or cool patterns. 

In the outfit featured, I am wearing a unique cut short sleeve sweatshirt, from the Gap. The leggings are from T.J. Maxx. I love the new trend of mesh patterns in athletic leggings. My shoes are hot pink, Nike Roshe One’s with a fun leopard print. The shoes are definitely the focal point of this outfit!

Outfit details: 

Sweatshirt- $13 The Gap (bought 50% off $26, originally $44.99) 

Mesh Print Leggings – $12 T.J. Maxx (originally $24.99) One similar HERE!

Shoes- $39 (originally $64.99) One similar HERE!

You may be wondering how I got the oh so popular pair of Roshe One’s for $39?! Let me let you in on a little secret! They are actually KID’S shoes! Athletic shoes can be pricey. Women’s Roshe One’s run anywhere from $75 on up! If you are buying the shoes, especially for solely cute Athleisure purposes, you’re going to want to save as much money as possible. And this is my secret! If you wear a women’s size 8.5 or less, you can definitely apply this strategy! There are so many cute athletic shoe options in kid sizes, that are still adult appropriate. There’s a lot of fun patterns and color combinations! Make sure you look up the brand’s sizing chart to see what size shoe you would wear in kids. I usually wear a size 7.5/8 and the Nike girl’s size 6Y fit perfectly. 

Here is the link to Nike’s sizing chart!

Another trick is using the site! It’s a Zappo’s company. You can basically consider it Zappo’s cheaper younger brother! I have found really great deals on shoes on this site!

Frugal Tip: When buying athletic shoes, consider buying them in a kid’s size!


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