How Retirees Make Money Playing on their Computers at Home!

My husband and I have been making a little income online for quite a while now.  I write a blog and use an sematic generated advertising service called kontera  .  My husband plays around answering questions.  We can spend as little or as much time as we want doing this.  A lot of retiree are doing the same thing.

In a recent article AARP touted the wonderful possibilities of working from your own home. Retirees that have time on their hands and need an income are working from their bedrooms or offices for a third party internet service company that supplies customer services.  The service AARP talked about was Alpine Service.   They help enhance customer satisfaction for companies like Home Depot.   I was very impressed with the idea that age or even a disability does not need to stand in your way if you want to make some extra money.

We spend part of our leisure time doing much the same thing.  We are not interested in a full time job or even the kind of retirement income that comes with signing up with a company like Alpine Service mentioned in the AARP article. We have taken a different approach to retirement income.

Blogging and Advertising with kontera To Help my Readers
On this blog I have chosen to use two services that provide links for income to bloggers like me.  One of those services is related to Google and the other is kontera. I signed up with Kontera when the contextual advertising service came to my attention on HubPages. Kontera has turned out to be a win win for me. This service looks at the semantics of each article and then highlights the important keywords that they find.  Then they do what is called a “content link”.   In the world of publishing online, keywords are the words that we bloggers use to make your search for our material easier.

While I continue to do research to find what you will find interesting,  Kontera reinforces the validity of that research.  When the reader runs their cursor over the highlighted words in the articles, they are given a preview of the product linked to the article. They can then choose to take a look at the link or move on.

Helping you find what you need!
For example, in this blog about retirement I write about living stylishly. I featured article about the  10 best Gifts for senior citizens Christmas and pointed the way to items like hearing aids…very stylish hearing aids.My Kontera service highlighted links featuring ads about this location because it fits with what I write. It works the same when I write about  holidays or special occasions, , beauty for boomers family, cooking or dining or smart shopping. I receive income when people look at the material and decide to learn more by following the link. It saves me time and it helps my readers become better consumers.

What does this mean?  This means that by doing what I love to do, write, I can automatically earn extra income. It is as though I get to work at the candy store!

Online Questionnaires and Surveys
My husband on the other hand has been answering online reward questionnaires and online reward surveys for quite sometime. Most of his time is spent at a website called E-Rewards.  He signed up to fill out the questionnaires online quite sometime ago and has been accumulating points. He received the “reward” when he cashed in his points at Best Buy for a Garmin GPS valued at over $200.  I was very impressed. He likes the process and keeping track of his points. I on the other hand, like the reward.  Getting lost is not a good thing.

I am here to tell you that there is no get rich quick scheme that is going to actually make you rich. You will only become part of the “scheme”. I learned very long ago that an idea that promotes instant riches will raise your hopes but won’t raise your income. What works is WORK….GOOD OLD FASHIONED WORK. In our retirement we are free to try new things…that is the beauty of this time in our lives.  But any outfit that wants money so you can earn money is just plain fishy!  Don’t pay to sign up for anything.  Do your research and pay attention.  Scams just make me mad.

I just thought you might want to know about earning money online, at home while having fun.  I do not recommend nor guarantee anything.  You must be your own keeper.

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