A Project Here, A Halloween Fairy Garden There!

Halloween Fairy Garden

Do you love spending time in the garden, but hate having to do all the work? Well, look no further! In this post, we’ll show you how to create a simple Halloween Fairy Garden using some of the most common garden plants. Not only is this project easy to do, but it’s also a great way to add a little magic to your home during the spooky season! So what are you waiting for? Start planting!

So I’m not quite ready to put out fall decor yet, but you can tell I’m ready! everything still a work in progress, and photos taken it my sunny/shady back yard!

Halloween Fairy Garden

Halloween Fairy Garden
Halloween Fairy Garden

On Pinterest, there are more and more adorable Halloween fairy gardens. Making small gardens is one of my passions. Why not create a Halloween Fairy house and include a pumpkin?

How do you begin a DIY Halloween fairy garden, then? I’ll try to guide you step-by-step through this easy Halloween craft project. BUT there’s a tiny problem! I want you to remember that there are some gaps in this project that your own originality will have to fill. Yes, indeed I am aware that you don’t consider yourself to be creative, etc. Trust me, you can handle this.

Every fairy garden should be unique. It’s similar to how every home has its own personality. Each space will have its unique character based on the colours, furnishings, and decorative accessories. And the same goes for your tiny, teeny pumpkin fairy dwelling. Your Halloween fairy garden will be truly distinctive thanks to the materials you select.


  • Growing Medium
  • for drainage, large rocks
  • Medium-sized I used a basket from a thrift shop as a vessel.
  • Check out these suggestions for fall flowers, which include seasonal blooms and plants like a mum.
  • Pumpkin, small to medium


  • acrylic colour. I used black, white, and yellow.                                               
  • Sharpie black marker                                                                             
  • decorations for a fairy garden. For instance, little chairs, wood pieces,
  • ghosts from the dollar store, and trinkets. Anything you believe will make your
  • Halloween fairy garden more lively.                                                                  
  •  I used the black river stones from Dollar Tree in place of pebbles or other
  • stones (optional)                                                                                           
  • “Yard Solar light” only (optional)                                                                       
  • the tea lights (optional)                                                                                   
  • Small gravel or stones or sand

When you go to plant a fairy garden, there are some essential components.


Make sure your container garden has excellent drainage first. Make sure the plants will have sufficient drainage if you’re using a container like a beautiful basket. especially in the upcoming erratic autumnal weeks.


For your plants, make sure the soil is of high quality. You should use high-quality potting soil, just like with any potted plants and container gardens. Miracle Grow potting soil is a favorite of mine.


Finally, pick your plants and flowers wisely. Because they are robust plants with vibrant blossoms, mums (Chrysanthemum) are a favorite fall flower in the Midwest. Even some mum varieties will return the next year. Check out this list of fairy garden plants and flowers for ideas if you’re planting early in the season.

Creating a Halloween Fairy Garden doesn’t have to be difficult – all you need is some creativity and some flowers! In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps of designing and constructing your very own Fairy Garden, from start to finish. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, be sure to check out our blog for all the details you need to get started! We can’t wait to see your finished product!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a fairy garden idea?

Build your garden with sand or soil, pine cones, sticks, and other natural materials, or small ornaments you’ve made or bought at a craft shop. Keep to a specific theme, like the beach or the woods, or don’t

What is the story behind fairy gardens?

Fairy gardens are regarded as the entrance to the underworld in Ireland. Fairies are thought to be the indigenous, magically strong inhabitants of the British Isles who were forced underground by warring invaders.

Why do people build fairy gardens?

People create these miniature worlds for a variety of purposes, including to arouse or satisfy their own or others’ curiosity, to bring the outdoors inside, to play year-round in a garden, to occupy youngsters, and a host of other purposes.

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