Easy Way to Get Out of a Style Rut

Anyone else get bitten by the travel bug recently?! Lately, I have become obsessed with the thought of travel and always have my wheels spinning of where I want to go next. I’m currently planning a trip to Austin, Texas with a dear friend! I’ve never been to Texas and can’t wait to explore! Let me know if you have any suggestions! 🙂 

This week’s blog post is all about how to dress well for TRAVEL! Wether you’re taking a road trip or flying across continents, I think you can easily apply these tips to any setting.

Ways to Dress for Travel:

  1. Always. Always. Always. Dress for comfort! No matter where I’m going, I always make this the #1 priority. It’s always fun to dress cute for flights, especially when you’re going to tropical locales, but there’s nothing worse than being stuck in an uncomfortable outfit, in a seat that has no leg room, with a small screaming child sitting next to you! I try to wear things I can easily move in, like leggings and dresses. 
  2. Dress in layers! There’s nothing more unpredictable then the temperature on a flight. (Ok, maybe the wait time for the TSA line is worse, but you know what I mean!) For colder months, make sure you wear a sweater with something underneath, like a cute blouse or tee.  For warmer months, wear a maxi skirt with a jean jacket or sundress with a sweater or jean shirt. Layers will allow you to match your outfit to whatever the temperature and not leave you sitting for hours feeling like you’re wasting away in Antartica or the Sahara. 
  3. Pick the right travel bag! One of my favorite ways to spice up a travel outfit is by adding a fun tote bag. Bags are a great way to add style to any outfit, while still remaining incredibly functional. Some of my favorite stylish travel bags are simple leather totes, trendy backpacks, graphic duffel bags, or woven straw totes for tropical destinations. Depending on the vibe you are going for, picking just the right travel bag can really add a lot to any outfit. 

In the outfit featured, I have layers on layers on layers! I have on a tank with an asymmetrical light sweater, topped with a sleeveless blazer jacket. The shoes are my favorite suede Roshe Ones and were a bit of a splurge, but definitely worth every penny. And of course can’t forget the textured leggings! This outfit screams comfort and versatility. The duffel bag adds a touch to this streetwear inspired look.

I wore something similar recently on a trip between NYC and Miami. It was perfect and so easy to adjust to the drastically different climates.

Outfit details: 

Asymmetrical Sweater- $10 Urban Outfitters (bought at an extra 50% off sale, originally $59)

Sleeveless Blazer- $12 H&M, (bought at a resale shop)

NY Duffel – $11.99 Urban Outfitters (bought at an extra 40% off sale, originally $35.00)

Textured Leggings- $17.99 H&M

Suede & Gold Roshe Ones- $100 Champs Sports (I love gold & Roshes so I fell instantly in love with these, definitely worth the splurge) Buy them HERE!

Tassel Necklace – $6.99 Loft (final sale, originally $29.50)

Ever feel like you’re in a style rut? Like you’re everyday style seems stale and ordinary? I think we’ve all been there. I’m have to admit, I’m a little bit of a ADD fashionista! I get tired of certain styles and looks really quickly.

One of the best tips I cam suggest is to expand your horizons and start shopping at stores you normally would simply pass over. Get creative with where you buy clothes. Spice it up; you’ll be surprised at the pieces you may fall in love with that typically wouldn’t be your “style”! Also, you’ll also be surprised by the deals you may find at stores that appear to be out of your price range or not on your list of typical go-tos.   

A lot of the items I featured in today’s post are from Urban Outfitters. 4 years ago, I could count on one hand how many times I had stepped foot into the store. Now I love it! I was originally deterred, because I always thought it was too edgy or urban for my style. But then I moved to NYC and there’s an Urban basically right outside my front door. (I know! So dangerous!) So I wandered in when I originally moved to the city. I found that there were so many hidden gems inside! After living in New York for awhile, the streetwear look definitely rubbed off on me, and now I could basically buy everything in the whole store! HA! They have a lot of great seasonal and online deals, where you can get additional % off. My favorite Urban Outfitter find from this week’s post is the “New York State of Mind” duffle bag for $11.99! 

So don’t find yourself stuck in the same-old-same-old ladies! Branch out!

Frugal Tip: If you’re looking for a fresh look, start shopping sales at stores you normally wouldn’t.  


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