The Dog Days of Summer and Other Thursday Thoughts

Thursday thoughts are a tradition that we here at the blog love to uphold. Every Thursday, we bring you a blog topic that’s relevant to the week, and we invite you to share your thoughts on the topic in the comments section. This week’s blog topic is the dog days of summer, and we wanted to share some tips on how to keep your pet cool during this hot season. From choosing the right water bowl to providing your pet with plenty of fresh water, we’ve got you covered. So don’t let your pet suffer this summer – follow our tips and they’ll stay healthy and happy!

It seems that I have now entered full “I’m on summer vacation mode”, if I wasn’t before. Now you might think that being retired, I would not have need of that mind set. Apparently just the opposite is true. Other than my trip to visit family, the past couple months have been full of, well, not much.  And that has made me very content.

The Dog Days of Summer

For whatever reason, I’ve decided that this summer is my summer of just being.  Don’t get me wrong now, I’m still sewing and crafting, and I have not become a hermit.  But a great deal of my time, the majority of my time, has been in my garden (or my house) doing completely relaxing, non energetic pursuits.  I’m sleeping late, reading a lot, sitting and day dreaming in the garden, doing a lot of creative and designing, taking in some movies and a day trip here or there, and just generally appreciating summer.

And the truth is, I’m probably going to need it. In a moment of what may be temporary insanity, I signed up for a chair yoga course, and two academic courses through the Osher lifelong learning center.  I’m also taking  six credits of college level classes, volunteering a day a week, going to a weekly bible study brunch, walking in the water at three days a week and filling up September with a day trip and along weekend to South Dakota.  What have I done???? Regular readers know that I am a generally low energy person, so I may have to cut at least one of these classes to give myself time have more of that “just being time”, I talked about.  Just being, in my case, meaning sewing, reading, relaxing and doing all the at home stuff I love.

As far as the things I HAVE done in the midst of my summer relaxation and day dreaming, this scarf has come a long, long way.  Since at least eighty percent of my clothing is green, shades of blue or yellow, somehow I think this scarf well get much use, and my knitting is seeing improvement! 

I’ve cooked large batches twice this week, trying to be frugal AND lazy when it comes to meals. By experimenting with our grill, we were able to grill two full pork tenderloins, corn, potatoes and other vegetables, giving us more than two delicious meals.  Two large pork loins wrapped together were just six dollars at sprouts and I froze a bunch.  Unfortunately the picture is not the best, but I hope to share the recipe for this and some other summer cookin’ next week or this weekend.  Last night I made a large slow cooker full of chicken thighs, green beans, carrots and potatoes using this recipe, again eliminating the need to cook on a hot day.  Let me just say that slow cookers are not just for winter!

Because I must forever quilt, I have cut up one of the fabric bunches I purchased and am over half way through a fall quilt, with pictures to come. I’m also making a list of every book I’ve read since the first of the year (even I don’t know the number), listing every project I’ve made and doing the same with every film I’ve seen. This is all for one group I belong to and mainly so that we can compare and come up with ideas to steal and use-I’ll probably share some of the results in a later post.

Finally, of course, I’ve been to the movies-the IMAX actually, to see Tom Cruise.  Who I don’t even like, and yet whose action movies I cannot resist.  Supposedly there’s another Mission Impossible on the way-it almost scares me.

Meanwhile, I’m still looking for long weekend opinions of what to do in South Dakota.  Can I do Mount Rushmore in the morning and Badlands in the afternoon, realizing that I’ll be driving it and not hiking it?  Who knows.

And so it goes………

There you have it, our list of some of the most common dog days of summer. As we all know, dogs are creatures that love being outdoors and playing games in the warm weather.
By giving them the right toys to play with and safe toys to chew on, they will happily run around inside all day long!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the idiom the dog days of summer mean?

Around the time Sirius seems to rise with the sun in late July in the Northern Hemisphere, the Greeks and Romans observed the “dog days.” They thought that the combined heat of the two stars was what made these days the warmest of the year, a time when fever or perhaps tragedy would occur.

How do you use dog days of summer in a sentence?

The term “Dog Days of Summer” is used to describe scorching, humid days. Example: “Popsicles are excellent for keeping cool throughout the sweltering summer months.”

Where did Dog Days of Summer originate?

Near the end of July, when Sirius would appear in the sky just before the sun, that signalled the start of the hottest days of the year. The term “dog days” was borrowed from the Romans, who called this time period “dies caniculares,” or “days of the dog star.”

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