Do French Fries Count as a Vegetable?

Don’t ask me why I picked on meat, it just seemed like a good way to do penance for my sins. The first eight days of our stay in Montreal included French fries at least once a day.

  Add to that the fact that we didn’t really focus on meals with nutritional value while we were there.  We were, after all, on vacation. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that uses vacation as an excuse for eating junk.  There were whole days that included no vegetables at all, I mean unless you are counting the French fries as a vegetable.  So on the last day of our vacation I told Doug, when we get home we’re going to be vegetarians for a week.  It was intended as punishment.

The funny thing is, when we got home, we each had lost a pound.  Ok, not much to brag about, but it sure beats the alternative.  And that was with eating (and drinking) anything we wanted for two whole weeks.

It was all the exercise.  We didn’t do intentional exercise while we were there, but we explored every corner of Montreal using only public transportation, which meant a lot of walking.  We walked four or five miles each day.

And Montreal’s public transportation system includes a great biking system.  I think the city has more Bixi Bike stations than subway stations.  For less than a round trip fare on the subway or the bus, you get the use of a bike for 24 hours, providing you get your bike to the next stand within 30 minutes.  But you can take out a new one two minutes after your dock the previous one.  The last day of our stay we rode all over that town, 25 miles by the end of the day. 

But still, I was feeling guilty about all the French fries, so I stocked up on fruit and veggies when we got home and made nothing but meatless meals the whole week.  Turns out I loved being a vegetarian.  I mean, I’m not converting or anything, but I do think I’ve found a new way to eat that’s much healthier than my old way. 

Instead of vilifying certain foods (carbs, alcohol, sweets, or in this case meat), and saying “no you can’t have those,” I’m aiming to get at least the recommended minimum each day of the foods with  important micronutrients :  fruits and vegetables, and then eat whatever else I’m hungry for.  I wind up having less room for junk after I’ve managed to work 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables into my day.

Oh and for the record, I don’t consider a glass of red wine to be junk.  It may not count as a serving of fruit, but it is made from it.

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