Designing a Nursery on a Budget

Our little girl is here! It’s been a long time coming, but we are so excited to welcome our newest addition! She’s two months now, so life has been a whirlwind of change as we adjust to our new life as a family of three. She has been a bundle of joy, and we can’t imagine our lives without her!

As a Frugalista and design enthusiast, one of the things I was most excited to tackle during my pregnancy was her nursery! With a Pinterest board quickly overflowing with inspiration, I was a bit overwhelmed with ideas. I knew I wanted to achieve a light, clean, feminine vibe, but wasn’t quite sure which elements to include. With a vague vision in my mind, I began to piece together the nursery after hunting down piece after piece. With each staple that I purchased, the design came together bit by bit and I can’t wait to share it with you!

I’ve narrowed down some key pieces that make a statement in any nursery. Carefully selecting these pieces will help achieve a beautiful nursery design. ALSO! If you can find a way to catch a deal on these pieces, you will definitely save yourself a pretty penny!Statement Pieces for the Perfect Nursery Design.


A rug is the perfect way to make a statement. The item that covers the most square footage in a room is definitely worth selecting carefully. However, rugs can be pricey! I knew I wanted a white rug with some sort of pink accents in it. With a pretty specific look in mind, it was actually easy to search different pieces on the internet. I came across one that I loved on Birch Lane, but it was $315! Eeeek! All I did was a quick Google search using the exact name of the product and I was able to find the exact same rug at Joss & Main on sale for $130! Yes, please. I love the rug so much, and I think it adds so much to the room since I decided to keep the walls white. It’s great quality and stains are simple to remove!

Crib Bedding

Crib bedding is something that you can easily go overboard with. A quick scroll through Pottery Barn’s selection and you’ll be tempted to pay nearly $300! Knowing that baby sheets are easily ruined, I decided to just invest in a nice crib skirt and purchase a handful of high quality crib sheets. I ended up finding THE perfect crib skirt ON SALE at Pottery Barn. I wanted something white and feminine, and this tule skirt with gold accents was the perfect match. I then just purchased some crib sheets on sale for $12.50 through Burt’s Bees Baby that matched our theme. I love their sheets as well, they’re so soft and organic!

Nursery Rocker

Selecting a nursery rocker or glider is something you want to do carefully, because we all know you’re going to be spending MANY late nights rocking away. For me, it was important that the chair was not only comfortable, but esthetically pleasing. I wanted a rocker that had structure and style, that was tufted with gold studs to go along with our gold accent theme. (Very specific, I know.) I originally found a rocker that I loved at Target and added it to my registry! But it was nearly $500 and no one purchased it, shocker! Haha. I found the exact same one through Joss & Main for $300!

Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall to display pictures and books was one of the most fun parts of putting together the nursery. I love finding little odds and ends that add such an accent. I originally wanted some sort of brass floating wall shelf, which I found on Pottery Barn for a steep price of $500! Not willing to pay that price, I then had to get creative and flexible with my vision. When I found a matching set of brass shelfs at Ross for less than $10 a piece, I was thrilled! With some matching frames from Home Goods and little odds and ends from Target and Marshall’s, I knew I could create a look I loved.

Light Fixture

One of the first things I noticed about all of the nurseries I was pinning on my Pinterest inspiration board was that many of them had some sort of decorative light fixture. I loved the idea of making the design cohesive by bringing in a complementary light fixture. I quickly noticed that many of the fixtures I loved came from Pottery Barn, which means $$$$. I found a glass beaded chandelier that I knew would be perfect! One problem, it was $300! I quickly put my Frugal tactics to use and thought of ways that I could get my hands on this chandelier without paying the hefty price tag. I then resorted to a quick Ebay search and found the exact chandelier I wanted, brand new! With a coupon code from Ebay, I was able to purchase the chandelier for $130! I was soooo excited!… Then came install day. After a quick glance once taking it out of the box, we both knew it wouldn’t work for the space. Although it was absolutely gorgeous, unfortunately our ceilings are too low for it to look proportionately accurate. Needless to say, I was bummed. Again using my money saving skills, I quickly listed it on Facebook Marketplace for $175 (more than I paid) and it sold in a few hours! I’m not kidding! I then found my way back onto Pottery Barn’s website a few hours later, perusing their light fixtures, when I found the exact same glass beaded chandelier but in a flushmount option. And it was on SALE for $150! The fixture ended up being perfect for the space, and I even made a profit through the whole process!

Dresser/Changing Table

A changing table is of course an absolute necessity in any nursery, so might as well make it cute! I love the look of an adult dresser or console that is repurposed into a changing table, but unfortunately we don’t have enough space for a dresser of that size. I had to compromise and go searching for a more feasible option. I knew I would have to be in the market for a white single dresser, so that helped narrow down my search. I honestly couldn’t find any that I loved, so I settled on a dresser that had a structure that I liked to match our crib, knowing I was going to give it a facelift with some crafting! I ended up switching the hardware to these pretty acrylic ones I found on Amazon for $10.99. I then spray painted the legs gold, with the help of my husband. 😉 I’m pretty happy with the end result and the total cost including the dresser was about $150!

Other Budget Nursery Decor

  • Brass Curtain Rods – $8.81 a piece Walmart (Buy HERE!)
  • Ivory Sheer Curtain Panels – $4.95 a pair Walmart (Buy HERE!)
  • Brass Round Decorative Mirror – $49.99 Target (Buy HERE!)

In the end, I was able to create a beautiful nursery just like I envisioned without paying outrageous prices. It took some patience, extra searching, and creativity but it was worth it!

If you’re expecting or even in the season of redecorating a space in your house, let this be encouragement to you that you can make your Pinterest boards a reality without breaking the bank!


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