Christmas Shopping on a Budget: How to Make it Through the Season Without Going Broke

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Falalalala-lala-la-laaaaa! I love love LOVE Christmas! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I love everything about it, the decorations, the music, and the Christmas spirit. But one of my favorite things about Christmas is the gifts! I love giving gifts. (If you’re a fan of the 5 love languages, gift giving is one of mine, if you couldn’t already tell.) 😉 I love planning out gifts for months, finding the perfect one, and putting a personal touch into each one. Hitting the nail on the head with a gift and seeing your loved one’s reaction is always so rewarding.

The Christmas season is upon us and that means our wallets may become a little lighter as well. Anyone else cringe, just thinking about checking their accounts in January? Eeeek! For a frugal gal like me, the thought of it makes my skin crawl. But being able to show family and friends how loved they are this season, is totally worth it. This week’s post is all about providing you with some practical tips to save a few pennies this Christmas season!

Ways to make it through Christmas without going broke:

1. Prioritize your spending!

Make a list of all the gifts that you would like to buy for Christmas and make a budget. Plan out how much you would like to spend. If it seems like you might be in need of some extra cash, think about what you could cut out or sacrifice. For example, those $4 lattes you get every other day, add up! Opting for the office Keurig for the month, could save you $50! Think about ways you could make more space in your budget during this season by letting go of costly unnecessary items. 

2. Give an experiential gift!

Some of my favorite and most memorable gifts in life have been experiences, not things. These are my favorite gifts to give! If you are low on cash, giving a gift of an experience or quality time can be the perfect gift. When I was younger, my young adult cousin used to gift us sleepovers with her at her house, and they became some of my fondest memories with her! Think of events that you could attend together or an activity that you could do that they would enjoy. Great options are museum visits, concert tickets, day trips, or simply a special day together!

3. Make a homemade meaningful gift!

Pinterest is real ya’ll! There are so many great ideas out there. You can make super cute (and useful) crafts for next to nothing! Homemade gifts are so personal and add a lot of meaning. Thinking about our family Christmas tree, the ornaments that have lasted through the decades were the ones that were created by those we love. (Even the hideous construction paper heart I made when I was 7 has survived. Ha!) Anything from wall art to quilted blankets would make great gifts! Some of my favorite Pinterest gift ideas are: homemade bath bombs, simple dainty jewelry, DIY serving trays, and canvas gold foil paintings! 

4. Coupons. Coupons. Coupons!

If you’re looking for specific items, hone in on the exact place you want to purchase it from. Do your research and figure out who, historically has the best price for the item. Once you’ve decided where to buy from, STALK that store! By stalk, I mean watch very closely. Haha. Subscribe to their emails. Be on the lookout for extra percent off, cardholder discounts, and exclusive coupons. The best time to buy would be when you can use any combination of these things. Target is a great example! During the holiday season they have certain times when toys are an extra percent off, combine that with a Target card discount, and you can save a few buckaroos! I’ve been planning my sister’s gift since last year, and have held off on buying it until there was a sale promotion. I just purchased it during a Black Friday sale and got a great deal! The stalking paid off. Lol.

I hope you feel inspired and empowered to make it through the Christmas season without having to empty your wallet! The key is in the budgeting and planning! It takes a little extra thought and effort, but it will be totally worth it in the end!

Of course I can’t end a post without giving you some outfit inspo!

Let me tell you about this top! I snagged it off the Final Sale rack at The Loft for $14.99. The next day I wandered into another Loft and the SAME top was on the rack for full price at $69! I was so thrilled! I felt like I had somehow cheated the system. Ha! This proves the point that not all stores are created equal. And if you’re in search of the best deal, sometimes you have to look around a little more carefully!

Outfit details: 

Lace Top- $15 The Loft (originally $69) 

Faux Leather Pants- $16 Zara (bought at a resale shop, originally $70)

Lace-up Block Heels- $17 Zara (bought at a resale shop, originally $50)

Frugal Tip: If you want to find great deals at your favorite stores, shop around! Don’t always go to the same location. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find!


Happy Christmas shopping season girls!  We’ve got this! And don’t forget the real reason for the season!


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