Frugal Cheap summer activities for adults

Earlier on I shared about how I try to live seasonally when I can, and mentioned all the frugal advantages of spring. Being impoverished and living frugally are two very different things.. It’s now the middle of summer in Texas, and while some cheap Summer Activities for adults and frugalities remain, in other areas costs have risen.  Like all seasons, summer has its ups and downs, and I try to go with the flow, and concentrate on the ups as much as possible.

Frugal summer activities

The Downs:

  • Energy costs. I love summer and warm weather, but if ever there’s a “down” this would be it. Here in Dallas its been triple digit weather for a month. No matter what your tolerance for heat, this means increased utlity costs. It also requires this night owl to re-adjust her schedule. Since it doesnt cool down in the evening, that “heavy lifting” stuff I mentioned in a previous post needs to get done in the morning. This includes any gardening or mowing or yard work, garage organization, or heavy errands.
  • My garden small as it is is at a standstill. Everything has either been harvested or killed by the heat. Since we have water restrictions, even though Texas has a fall planting season, nothing can be done for another couple weeks.  Although produce is still flowing locally (everything but oranges is local these days), some crops including corn have suffered because of the drought.  Note to self, stop talking about it and install those rain barrells.
  • While produce, from lettuce to peaches is local and cheap, cooking is a problem. Its too hot to cook inside very much, and a lot of foods are just too hot to eat right now. This means that we offset cheap produce with higher cuts of meat that can be grilled or easily cooked. The short ribs, pot roasts, chicken stews have been put aside.

With the weather getting hotter and cheaper ways to have fun becoming increasingly available, summer is the perfect time to get your frugal habits on track. Here are some frugal summer activities you can save money this summer.

Cheap Summer Activities for adults

The (Mainly Frugal) Ups:

  • It’s still garage sale season, and that’s still a huge plus. Today at an estate sale I found a wooden doll bed to use a a display for my doll quilts for a few bucks. Prettier, sturdier and cheaper than the equivalent at the toy store or target. Again, I just have to motivate myself to get up early….
  • Local produce still  abounds, with a couple limitations (see above).
  • There are some free entertainment alternatives, as always.While there are festivals and the like, there aren’t as many as were in the spring and will be in the fall. On the other hand, the movies have special prices to draw in families on vacation, and it’ssummer theater season (guys and dolls and concerts at low prices).
  • Because we’ve hit high produce season I have begun some canning ( a learning experience in the extreme). While I dont know how much it will save in the long run, I expect to increase quality and put aside some special gifts for christmas (mojito jelley, anyone?)
  • Im spending more evenings sewing, because there is less TV on now (specifically less sports, with the world cup being over and american football not started).  This qualifies as frugality because I am creating things to sell (increase income) and give as gift (decrease expenses)
  • The need for lighting is less, even while air conditioning costs have increased.
Cheap Summer Activities for adults

My slow body moves a little bit slower at this time of year, and I’m not sure how that relates to frugality. I also travel during the summer, but I travel in the fall and spring as well, so making that a summer cost is unrealistic. Overall, I still manage to live a frugal life, and the upside of living in the south is that heating bills will in no way come close to cooling bills. This is especially true when you live in a state where natural gas is abundant. I”ll continue my frugalities, take advantage of my natural laziness and all the summer has to offer, and think about fall as we get closer to September.

Congratulations on your upcoming summer! Whether you’re looking to save money or just enjoy some quality time with loved ones, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ve listed some frugal cheap Summer Activities for adults that you can do without breaking the bank. We hope you enjoy reading and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do in the summer with no money?

There are festivals and the like, there aren’t as many as were in the spring and will be in the fall.

Does frugal mean poor?

Being impoverished and living frugally are two distinct things.

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