Amazon Travel Essentials Under $20

This summer was full of traveling and most importantly, an unforgettable honeymoon! Packing for the shortest of trips to the longest of trips can be overwhelming. Confession, I tend to be an over packer. Eeek! With the daunting task of packing, it can be easy for anyone to go overboard and overpack before a big trip. Even worse than overpacking is the tendency to overspend! Traveling is such an easy excuse to load up on new outfits, accessories, and items you will most likely only use once, if at all!

Before going on any substantial trip, I always find myself wandering the aisles of Target, filling my cart with items that were never on my packing list. Anyone else with me?! With the great temptation to waste money on unnecessary items, it’s best to limit yourself to useful travel items that can be used time and time again, no matter the destination. Hopefully this blog post will simplify the process and give some great tips on travel items worth purchasing.

I’ve included some great Amazon travel finds, and the best part is that they are all under $20! All of these items I’ve found to be extremely useful and travel necessities. Whether traveling abroad or domestically, you’ll definitely get your $20 of use out of each product.

Amazon Travel Essentials Under $20!

1.Red Phone Charger: For anyone who tends to leave and lose phone chargers, this is a necessity! Not only is the charger extra long for added convenience, it also is bright red making it difficult to forget.

2. Portable Steamer: I cannot stand wrinkles! When traveling, finding an iron can be hit or miss, especially abroad. This steamer solves all of those problems. It’s lightweight and super small. It could even fit in a carryon.

3. Travel Adapter: I doubted this adapter when purchasing on Amazon. For such a great price, I wasn’t sure if it would really work in all of the countries I’d be traveling to. But it sure did! Another feature I love about this adapter is that it has two usb ports on the side, making it easy to charge your phones, while still using the outlet.

4. Passport Cover: While this may not be super functional, it sure is cute! I love my passport cover because it protects my passport in a certain sense and makes it easy to find while digging through my tote bag.

5. Reusable Travel Bottles: These are well worth the purchase! I hate spending ridiculous amounts of money on silly “Travel” sized products. Usually your brands are very limited and you don’t get to use your usual everyday products while on the road. With these little bottles, you can simply transfer your favorite shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, moisturizers, and other products and you’re good to go!

6. Portable Charger: This is a travel must! Purchasing a portable charger is a great investment, because they are useful all the time! Some of the more expensive ones can be pricey and bulky. The key to finding the perfect portable charger is that it has a 3 extended battery life, quick charging speed, and is super portable to fit in the tiniest of places.

7. Clear Toiletry Bags: One thing I HATE packing is toiletry items. I feel like I always forget something! I also always have too many little cosmetic bags with various items, lipsticks over here, sunblocks over there. These are a great solution, because you can see and find things so much easier. They are also so convenient to throw on the line in security with your liquids.

8. Inflatable Travel Pillow: I literally can’t sleep on a plane without one of these! Nothing worse then getting stuck in the uncomfortable middle seat on a plane. Wether going for a long car ride or flying, a travel pillow is a must. What I love about this one is that it is super compact and packable because all you have to do is inflate it! Genius!

9. Earplugs: I learned about the miracle working power of these earplugs while living in my noisy Brooklyn apartment for years. If you’re in need of a good rest while traveling, you’re going to want to pack these! They block out almost every annoying sound you could think of. What’s great about them is that they are reusable, don’t pop out, and do the job!

10. Travel Toothbrush: For those going on long journeys in their travels, packing a toothbrush is a must. Nothing better than feeling refreshed after a 12 hour plane ride thanks to a toothbrush! What I love about this toothbrush is the design makes it compact and germ-free when quickly stored in your luggage.

So wether you’re packing for a trip in the near or distant future I hope this list of jackpot Amazon finds is helpful! Not only are all these items versatile in their use, they are all under $20! Save money by purchasing them ahead of time, instead of buying them in a pinch at the airport gift shop for triple the price! I promise that after a few trips, you’ll definitely get your moneys worth.

Happy travels!


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