10 Companies Worth Buying From This Holiday Season

Christmas is the one time of the year that I cringe when I go to take a look at my bank account. It seams that dollars are just evaporating out of thin air! I’m pretty sure Target and Amazon have gotten all my money this holiday season. Haha. With large corporations taking over, it’s easy to sense the greed of corporate America. 

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle and joy of buying gifts for loved ones, the real spirit of Christmas can sometimes get lost. Christmas is so much more than gifts. To me, Christmas is all about giving, generosity, and others! To embrace the true Christmas spirit, this post is all about highlighting companies that offer wonderful items, while ALSO supporting worthy causes. When shopping with these companies and organizations, you get two accomplish two goals of the Christmas season: purchasing gifts your friends and family will love, while also supporting good in the world!

10 Companies Worth Buying From This Holiday Season

1. Karama Collection

Karama is an amazing growing company that is making a lasting and eternal impact. The company is centered around the mission of empowering the marginalized in Africa. Through their business, they are committed to employing artisans that are women, HIV+ individuals, the disable and those in poverty. These individuals are offered hope through the opportunity to earn a living wage and through restoration of their dignity. They also then take their profits and invest in African teens by through Young Life Africa camp sponsorships. As a growing company they now offer even more amazing products, all made by artisans who have found purposeful work through their organization. Simply inspiring! I am personally loving their leather goods right now!

2. Sevenly

I love Sevenly for its broad mission to spread the belief that “People Matter”. The heart behind the company is pure generosity. Sevenly is widely known for their 7-day cause campaigns that feature apparel, accessories and art centered around a nonprofit. The goal for each campaign is to raise funds and increase awareness for various causes. Sevenly gives $7 a purchase and 7% for its cause-themed Collections back to the featured non-profits. I love how versatile their mission is and the versatility of their products! The socially aware pieces they feature include jewelry, mugs, clothes, wallets, and headwear! Order a social conscious gift for Christmas or a treat for yourself this season and get 15% off with the code Kayla15!

3. Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is a company that has the cutest winter hats, perfect presents for Christmas! Not only are these hats adorable and functional, they help benefit childhood cancer. The company partners with nonprofits that further research and provide support to children fighting cancer.

4. The Giving Keys

I discovered this company after seeing so many people wearing these super cool jewelry pieces with keys! Turns out that The Giving Keys has a mission I can totally get behind! Every time you make a purchase it helps create jobs for people transitioning out of homelessness.

5. Cuddle + Kind Dolls

This company is a go to destination for all baby gifts this Christmas! I love their adorable dolls and the mission behind them! For every doll they sell, 10 meals are given to children in need! How amazing is that?!

6. The Created Co. 

The Created Co. has an amazing mission to help people identify and life out their purpose in life. 10% of their profits goes to helping build wells for those without access to clean water. This company is perfect for any coffee lover in your life!

7. State Bags

State Bags has a similar model as Toms. For every bag purchased they donate a new bag full of materials and tools to a child in need. These tools help children be successful in various areas of their life!

8. One Hope Wine

This amazing wine company donates 50% of their profits to various charities. They support various causes, from those who fight cancer to increasing autism awareness!

9. Askinosie Chocolate

I learned about Askinosie from my sister, who discovered the company when living in Springfield. This chocolate company has a whole line called  Product of Change™. These specialty items are created and harvested by local schools and their PTAs. 100% of the profits from these goods go directly back to the school to provide meals for the children.

10. Hand in Hand

This wonderful soap company partners with an organization called My Neighbor’s Children. Together, they donate 1 bar of soap for each bar purchased to children in Haiti. As of right now, they have already donated over 1 million bars of soap and built 4 wells to provide clean water.

This holiday season I was lucky enough to partner with Sevenly! I am sporting two adorable and comfy tops while still supporting two causes that I LOVE! One of many reasons why I love Sevenly is that they offer fashionable and high quality items with a purpose. My “Read Learn Grow” flowy sweatshirt is supporting an organization near and dear to my heart, The First Book Foundation. Each item bought in this Sevenly collection will provide one child with two books! As a lover of books and kids, this is more than just a cute and comfy sweatshirt. My “People Matter” swing shirt is also supporting a cause that has recently overtaken my hear, since my fiancé served in the military. Purchases from this collection go to provide resources to those in the military who have been affected physically and mentally while serving. If you’re looking to support and give to a cause this season, while also finishing your Christmas shopping, I strongly encourage you to check out Sevenly. With a wide variety of merchandise to choose from and causes to support, Sevenly is a great destination for your holiday shopping.

I hope you take a second and stop and think about how you can invest with generosity into others this season. A simple change in where you choose to shop this holiday season can make a difference in people’s lives! With all the hoopla that occurs around the Christmas season, let’s not forget the true spirit of the season!

I pray you have the best Christmas yet, filled with love, peace, and joy!


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